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The Broadway market

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There is no doubt this has been the coldest, bleakest winter in London. Perhaps not statistically but it sure feels like it. A couple of weeks ago I decided to break my families cabin fever and have a day out. Borough Market has been a firm weekend favorite, but the ever-increasing packs of tourists have worn down my enthusiasm. After hearing much praise about the Broadway market, we decided to trek out, and it truly glorious.

Sandwiched between the canal and London Fields, this Hackney market is open every Saturday. Trendy East end families and young fashionistas stroll about, giving it a cosmopolitan feel. There is a bit of the old and the new; an eel and pie shop on one side of the street and a slick arty book shop on the other. Seasonal produce, meat, fish, and flowers are awash, so bring your shopping bag. The quality of the food stalls is amazing and even better with most under a fiver; Banh mi (Vietnamese pork baguette), Portuguese hog roast, Gujarati vegetarian, Arabica Lebanese, and grilled burgers are just a few. I tried the Banh mi sandwich and the Gujarati Bhel Puri (potatoes with tamarind, yogurt and crispy chickpea noodles) and both were scrummy. Sweet-tooths won’t be disappointed with home-made fudge, cupcakes, tarts and a charming penny sweets shop. Turkish shops edge the market just before you get to London Fields, so pick up some Persian cucumbers and chili powder. Top off the day with a pint at one of the lovely old pubs- they are disappearing fast.

For a closer view of the pics, click here:

The Broadway market’s website is crap, so here is a map showing the area. It’s situated on a street with the same name, just off Goldsmiths road. London Fields is the closest train station.


  1. libby says:

    I absolutely love love love Broadway Market – the best is the haloumi veggie burgers from the Veggie Table – YUM!

  2. Jean Hanson says:

    What I wouldn’t give to be in a place so cosmopolitan as London, with those exciting markets. Colorado has its charms, but nary a source for Portuguese hog roast to be found. Londoners, you are lucky in food–and fashionistas, too. We shlub around in our Patagonia and North Face, not even craving Gujarati Bhel Puri–because we’ve never had it!

    On the other hand, my husband ate at Frasca in Boulder the other night, known as one of the best restaurants in the country. Boulder (an hour away from here) has some excellent dining spots and is very involved in the local food movement. Here in Fort Collins the food is mostly pretty average (except, I trust, in the kitchens of those of us cooking from this blog.)

  3. harriet c says:

    I adore the Persian food stall by the juice guy!addicted!

  4. mealsinheels says:

    Yes, that looked amazing. Will have to try that on my next visit.

  5. rebecca wenzel says:

    I wish I had a fabulous market like this near me!! I only have a crappy American supermarket:(

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