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As you may have noticed, the blog has undergone a beauty make-over and moved over to my website address. More visual and contemporary than the previous one, I hope you’re pleased with the changes. I wish I could take the credit, but it was all down to the genius of Kang Leong, who writes the amazing London Eater restaurant blog. Kang is on the cutting edge for the London food scene, reviewing the latest trendy openings, but also old classics as well. His beautiful photos highlight the best dishes to order (or not to) and will put you in the know before the rest of London. The detailed index is very handy when you want to get an idea of where to go or look up a previous review. All my London favorites are in there like Roka, Koya, Dinings, Zucca and Fernandez and Wells. Good or bad, dining out here is not cheap, so check out Kang’s blog so you can spend your money on the best picks.

For those of you who subscribe to MIH, be sure to double-click on the word MEALS IN HEELS at the top of the email when you want to read the post. This will take you back to the blog home page where you can see all the photos and also access other recipes, videos and foodie destinations. Since the new make-over, the emails you receive look a bit different so forgive me if I’m stating the obvious.

I’m always on the lookout for new pieces for styling, entertaining or cooking and like to spread the word. Here are a few of my new favorites.

I’ve always admired the precision Japanese cooking entails. Reproducing some of these fine details at home isn’t in everyone’s skill set. When padding around the Japan Centre in Regent Street, I found this inexpensive little tool for slicing julienne of spring onion. It makes perfect julienne in seconds. If you haven’t been there before, it’s a great day out for lunch, shopping and people watching.

I’m a firm believer that you can never have enough mixing bowls. Melamine are my favorite because they’re light but sturdy for the dishwasher. Not only are these Zeal bowls practical with the pouring spout and handle, they look gorgeous on a kitchen shelf with their bright colours and retro design.

God, its there anything Jamie Oliver doesn’t do well? Restaurants, magazines, TV, cookbooks….the list goes on. Well, his on-line store doesn’t disappoint and has very unique and well designed products. This pepper grinder is a kitchen favorite for me. Hands down, the best feature is ease of refilling. Just yank the top off and fill with peppercorns. No messing around with little screws or other annoying parts.

If you like to make meringues and cakes with eggs at room temperature you will appreciate this egg holder. Yet another yummy kitchen purchase from Anthropologie. It comes in cream or this lovely blue and looks stylish whether its empty or filled with Buford Brown eggs (beautiful orange-yolked eggs from Waitrose).

So many kitchen shops sell the same stuff, but not Summerill and Bishop. Located at Clarendon Cross, in Notting Hill, this French inspired boutique has je ne sais quoi in spades, stocking everything from frilly feather dusters to dainty wire cupcake racks. As they make frequent buying trips to France, vintage items like these Ricard Pernod bottles come back as well. Chic as a flower vase or water jug.

Marble is so rich and luxurious, every kitchen deserves a little touch of it. Divertimenti sells this sleek pastry board but you can use it for all sorts; antipasti, cheeseboard, or serving and presenting meat or tarts.

I love shopping in all guises, whether its for the home or me. When it comes to jewelry, I am a shameless. These beautiful bracelets with cupcakes charms from Martine Wester are cheeky and gorgeous. Best of all, they come with baking recipes designed by yours truly. There are eight different charms and recipe cards in the set.

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    Thanks for your mention of the wonderful colours that Zeal products offer. We have an ever expanding range so please check back again soon!

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